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Marasi Industrial & Marine Services LLC has launched its new website.

Completed Projects:

1. Complete cleaning of Fuel Oil Tank of approx 8500 cubic metre capacity for product change to Gas Oil - Gulf Petrol Supplies, September-2014.

2. Replacement of Hot oil pipeline Supports from inside of the storage tanks - IL & FS, November-2014.

3. Marasi undertaken offshore job on Vessel named "M/T Maroon"-  Succesfully done Tank cleaning & pipeline Modification/ Installation, December-2014.

Marasi Industrial & Marine Services L.L.C.

Tel: +971 9 223 0708
Fax: +971 9 223 1172
P.O. Box 50099, Fujairah, UAE.

Website: www.marasi-ims.com
Email: [email protected]

Latitude and Longitude: 25.1693029,56.3511193


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