General Contracting Division

General Contracting Division

Maintenance Division

Plant T&I Shut-down Maintenance:

Complete Turnkey T&I shut-down (turn around) maintenance jobs at Oil Refineries, Gas, Power, Petrochemical plants etc.

Tank Repair Maintenance Services:

Tank Cleaning, Tank Repair, Pipeline Maintenance, Concrete Repair, Scaffolding, Abrasive Blasting and Painting

Valve Repairs and Maintenance Services:

Marasi Industrial & Marine Services L.L.C. provides full valve repair and Testing including callout repair services.

Offshore Maintenance Services

Maintenance of pipelines and platforms including SBM and pier maintenance.

Hydrojetting Services:

Hydrojet cleaning of Boilers, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Cold Cutting and Concrete Demolition using owned Hydrojetting Units up to 36000 PSI.

Industrial Waste Handling Services:

Industrial Waste (including hydrocarbons) handling services using owned vacuum tanker and super sucker fleet. Fully qualified to handle hydrocarbon waste for disposal as per state and industry regulations.

Corrosion Protection Services:

Cathodic protection systems and critical coatings.

Equipment Rental:

Rental of onshore and offshore construction equipments viz., Cranes, Pile Drivers and Extractors, Air Compressors, Welding Machines, Sandblasting, Painting Units, Earth moving machines, Trucks, Generators, Forklifts, Pumps etc.

Construction Division:

General construction work in the Oil & Gas, Power and petrochemical industries, including luxury projects – Civil Mechanical, Electrical and instrumentation.

  • Civil construction work includes but not limited to industrial earthwork projects – Construction of various industrial buildings, building trades services etc.
  • Mechanical construction work includes complete installation of petroleum and industrial plant pipelines both onshore and offshore.
  • Pumping stations and waste piping.
  • Electrical construction work includes all electrical substations, switchgears, UPS, Transformers, Cable wiring, lighting, conduiting etc.
  • Instrumentation construction work includes industrial instrumentation, HVAC Control Systems, Switchgears Control System, Pneumatic Control Piping etc.



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